501c3, About Us:


A.D. NOW is a non profit 501c3 religious, public charity ushering in the era of Harmonic Resonance through Fashion, Art, and Music Education. Supported by the Ascension of the Sophia, the story of the Goddess, authored by the Resurrected Christ, in the book Pistis of Sophia. Also the Ascension of Enoch in The Book of Enoch.**


 “We believe that freedom of divine expression lies within the marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within ourselves.  So clothed in our “Ascension Robes” as the brides of Christ; the future is now.”

                            -Elijah Sound, President, Visionary of a.d. 2013 and a.d. NOW 



 Recognizing our unity with all of God's creation as sacred:

 -We DO NOT condone the present condition of Factory Farming and senseless idea that man must kill in order to survive.

-We DO intentionally honor the native ritual of using the hides of animals whose life has already been taken, and we look for the support to create a future where we can produce like products eliminating the process of death.


A.D. NOW Production Team: SAMA SAMA

 “Co-creation with God is our birthright, and we carry this intention with us through our business model in every unique garment we create and share with you.”

                                                    -Nyoman Wirata, owner Sama Sama Shop Bali


Sama Sama Shop is a member of the AD NOW "Sew it Forward” partnership, whose mission is to set the trend in favor of eco-consciousness living.  Located in the jungle town of Ubud, on the lovely island of Bali, Indonesia, our Family of highly skilled artisans are dedicated to honoring the Divine by the work of their hands.

 How to Get Involved?

We are receiving Tax Deductible donations Large and small for the Activities listed below, and open to collaborate and help facilitate NEW activities visions and dreams that you are inspired to bring to Fruition.

We are looking for: Members, Artist Management, Creative Directors, Videographers, Video Editors, Tech Marketing management, Wholesale and Sales Representation.



  1. AD NOW music program. Elijah Sound vocal performance artist and founder of AD NOW, is looking for new collaborative Producers, and Musicians to continue the production of his upcoming album; also representation for his revolutionary Feature Film version of Jesus Christ Superstar script JCS 2013.
  2. AD NOW “Ascension Clothing Line” with "Sew it Forward Partners, is looking for donations to help infiltrate new cutting edge textiles that are Animal Friendly. Also support in buying stock for our special “POP UP SHOWS."
  3. AD NOW Virtual World program. Seeking Blogers and Developers for building the AD NOW APP that can highlight new associate directory members, their organizations/non-profits, and the new paradigm work they are doing. Working together to create a 3D Virtual year round Virtual Burning Man with the Festival Vendor United Coalition Army of Conscious Artist and Musicians. A Platform were people can hang, listen to music, share and buy each others product and ideas even with its own currency. 
  4. Educational Program: Our program discloses the important new Ascension information of the ancient texts of the Pistis of Sophia and Keys of Enoch, recently published in 1970. Our study groups and video blogs expose a deeper level of who we are on this planet and our God Given Creative Talents and how they are used to bring in the Ascension to all creation.  Our divine inheritance is supported by the good news and Freedom of Christ in this expose of Compassion for all inhabitants as story of Sophia, who is the first of the Fallen Angels to Ascend, is told.



Our Spiritual Discovery in our Philosophy:

A.D. NOW was born from the Mayan "Vision" of A.D. 2013 offered to us by our "disappeared" Mayan elders. Knowledge passed to us through this vision, can awaken us all into the next evolution of our divine existence, The Era of Harmonic Resonance.  Through this awakening, our connection to our Ascension Vehicle or Light Body is allowed to resurface from a buried existence.  Supported by the ongoing and hidden story of the Masters of Ascension: The Christ, (Yeshua/Jesus), Enoch (Archangel Metatron), and Elijah (Archangel Sandolphone).

The connection between those 2 witnesses as the 2 Pillars of Light on your right and on your left, with Christ’s Compassion as your center, combine to become the the 3 Keys of the "Ascension" and activation of the Tree of Life. Attuning your personal Christ Compassion Center, to the knowledge bestowed by these 2 lamp stands, allows for the initiation of the Trikaya Vehicle (“Three Bodies”-Sanskrit) .  This is  your built in "Ascension Chariot.”   These Masters of Life and Death have paved the way before us showing us how we can translate flesh into light and sound waves that travel the multiverse, and remanifest immortal flesh upon will. 

 **Pistis of Sophia -found: Coptic upper Egypt 1700's.  Never edited by the Christian or Catholic Church, translated into English from Aramaic 1930's, published 1970, contains a 13 year record of the resurrected Christ and His story of the "Ascension" of the first fallen Angel Sophia.

Book of Enoch  -found in Ethiopia and shared in its phylosophy w/ the Nag Hammadi, was edited out of the Christian and Catholic Bible.  Enoch: the 7th descendant of Adam, first story of man's "Ascension," sited in Genesis: “So all the days of Enoch were 365 years.  Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” -Genesis 5:23-24

**Inspired also by JJ Hurtak's book the Keys of Enoch.



Founder, Executive Director, Darin Jeremy Moen aka Elijah Sound

Co-Founder, Brooklyn Sparling


 Meet the Designer:

Elijah Sound : founder and designer of A.D. 2013 and A.D. NOW