About Us



AD NOW is a non profit ushering in the Era of Harmonic Resonance through Fashion, Art, and Education, supported by the ascension information of the Christ in the book of the Pistis of Sophia.

AD NOW was born from the Vision of a.d.2013 prophecy offered to us by our Mayan elders as a key for Galactic Knowledge. This knowledge is helping us awaken into the next phase of our divine existence and evolution, an “Era of Harmonic Resonance.”  

AD NOW’s Mission is to share the Freedom of Christ through our art and fashion, uniting  like minded community with our philosophy on how to live in the New Paradigm. (The New Paradigm is everything that is ecologically sound, peaceful, and healing for the planet and all its inhabitants.)

*We Believe that our freedom of Divine expression lies within these hand made garments that we put on for our daily Ascension.  We carry this consciousness in our business practice with all the making of our unique garments we create and share. Hand made by our loving production family in  Bali Indonesia that believe that Co-creation with God is our birthright, and recognize our talents and gifts are to be given back to the one who Gave it. Setting new trends in favor of eco-consciousness and unifying with God's gifts as sacred, and ones true purpose in life.


1: Directory:  a "Free Energy" platform which will allow all members, associates, and donors, to connect with like minded new paradigm Co Creators to offer their gifts and talents to collaborate with each other in order to reach their goals nearby and globally.  

2: Educational Program:  Our program discloses the important new Ascension information of the ancient texts of the Pistis of Sophia and Keys of Enoch, recently published in 1970. Our study groups and video blogs expose a deeper level of who we are on this planet and our God Given Creative Talents and their works. Our divine inheritance is supported by the good news and Freedom of Christ in this expose of Compassion for all inhabitants.

3. A.d.2013 “Ascension Clothing Line” : our special “POP UP SHOWS” will take us along a west-coast festival circuit to share the Pistis of Sophia Ascension Information, new paradigm resources, and the a.d.2013 Ascension Clothing.

4: Blogs: AD NOW's video blogs will highlight new associate directory members, their organizations/non-profits, and the new paradigm work they are doing.




Founder, Executive Director, Darin Jeremy Moen aka Elijah Sound

Co-Founder, Secretary, Brooke Sparling

Treasure, Ruben Rivera.


Meet the Designer

Elijah Sound : founder and designer of A.D. 2013 and A.D. NOW