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A.D. 2013 The Film: 

The First ever Electronic, "Acid/Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Opera, Feature Length Motion Picture." Originally written in 1970 at the dawning of the age of Aquarius by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, now re written by artist and designer Elijah Sound in Urban- Tribal, 21st century style. The Harmonic Resonance of A.D. 2013 the Movie, is made complete with the largest group of collaborating Pop Stars joining forces with the Tribal Fire Cirque to Re-enact the ancient stories of time past.  The worlds witness of this collaboration of Intentional Ritual Theater, will merge all the mythos into the Christ story and put religion into balance with truth.



Year 2012- a modern, technological, apocalyptic world, preserved in an ancient paradigm of the last living recognized prophet Moses. A Babylonian corporate democracy rules with a brain washing President of Nations named Ciaphas (Joey Fatone). Under the guise of the government and the church, Ciaphas and his fanatical allies (NYSNC's men, Joshua Scott Chavez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass) join forces with the largest money making meat industry and its fast food chain King Burger (Marilyn Manson). These leaders monopolize on the peoples' fears preaching the forgiveness of sins through the purchase of animal sacrifice by justification of the Old Testament Law.

Despite such adversaries, a timely birth prophesied by sages past, points to a 3D animation of the Immaculate Conception, played by a divine chosen mother (The "Madonna"), to give birth to a Jedi/Healer, Jesus Christ (Elijah Sound), who would fulfill the Old Testament Law and save the world from oppression. Holding the sacred balance of male and female energy within, Jesus embodies the ancient mythos of times past, with his apostles and the Essene Community, uniting as "The Tribal Fire Cirque," invoking the ancient stories of the Vedas in "Prayer-formance Fire Art Rituals," healing the planet with their discovered earth spirit magic.

Not with out a challenge of his own, Jesus faces the doors of life and death through the understanding that by surrendering his own flesh he is the sacrifice that would end all sacrifice. Believing that no power on earth could hold his body to the grave, his last moments of faith verses fear are heightened by the denial of his dearest disciple Peter (Justin Timberlake), a misunderstanding by his beloved Mary Magdalene (Lady Gaga) and the betrayal of his best friend Judas (Lenny Kravitz).

In order to appease a crazed court house who have been swayed by the slander of the mass media, a dramatic Pontious Pilate (Robbie Williams), five star general and leader of the judiciary, pleads with Jesus to give up his claim of being the Son of God. With love and compassion, this rising star burns brightest in his last moments on earth facing the greatest tests of pain and rejection opening a portal for all to walk through.


The Harmonic convergence is possible Now!!! Join by sharing this page with your friends and help co-create our New World with the reality of a Unified Global Conscious System of Truth, led by the stars and you.


Love and Transformation,

Elijah Sound



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